Welcome to Precision One Medical

Offering Partnership Solutions In Precision Machining

Precision One Medical was established in late 2009 and is headquartered in Oceanside California in a 30,000 square foot facility. Each member of the ownership team has been involved in the dental and medical manufacturing sectors for over twenty years. The experience levels in these areas don’t end at ownership. The Manufacturing and Quality teams have equally substantial experience in medical manufacturing methods and systems.

The approach to the manufacturing strategy is to provide our customers with a partner to meet their demand needs. Precision One Medical applied lean manufacturing principles within the operation from the company’s origin. We work with the customer to understand the requirements and build the system capacity to fit those needs. This assures on-time delivery, exceptional quality, and the ability to make demand adjustments as changes occur within the customer forecast. Our emphasis is on establishing long-term agreements to solidify a stable financial foundation by creating price stratification for the product base. This eliminates price standard variances based on demand fluctuations and the expense of having the customer purchasing group generate and analyze quotes and purchase orders.